Shop and direct sale

The products of our firm, from the beginning, have been sold directly to our customers. After a first approach to wholesale market, we had the chance to sell directly our producrs in the small Arma di Taggia market.

This experience has been fantastic since the beginning as we can talk about what we produce and get the feedback of our customers who appreciate them. The look, very important in a wholesale market, here is not so important.

The evolution was the opening of a true shop in Arma di Taggia, Via Colombo 329. Due to organisational needs, we are open 3 mornings a week as everything we sell in that shop is part of our production and it is picked every day. Inside the shop you can find all our products from vegetables to wine, to our preserves


7.00am to 1.00 pm
Tuesday – Friday – Saturday

Further informations +39 389 16.31.983