Our products transformation

As we can use the agritourism kitchen as laboratory we offer to our customers also jams and sauces ready for use, using our vegetables and our fruit.

We mainly propose classic extra cherries and extra black cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, strawberries and figs jams, but also special jams perfect form matching perfecty with cheese and meata s onion jam, green tomatoes jam, carrots jan, provence musqée pumpkin, chili pepper and granaccia jam.

Our tomato gravy is dedicated to the king of local vegetables, the “cuor di bue” tomato. It is made up with cuor di bue tomato, fresh basi, garlic, onion and taggiasca extra virgin olive oil. All the ingredients are our production and our sauce is is perfect for people loving to season pasta in a sane, genuine and savory way even though … you are in a hurry.

Our fresh a washed vegetable are available on our shop only. They are cut for fantastic vegetable soups. Our case are composed by fresh vegetables following the season and the vegetables available in our firm.

All our products are preared in our kitchen, where we use also products containing gluten, eggs and  milk derivatives. Please, if you are intolerant or allergic please advice us befor buying.