Alfredino Contadino, our rosè wine

Alfredino Contadino

This is a rosè wine coming from DOC Riviera ligure di Ponente Vermentino, DOC Riviera ligure di Ponente Pigato (white vine), and Granaccia (red vine). This wine keeps inside the memory of the farmer house: fresh, soft and easily drinkable. As wine-making method, we choose the white wine-making with a very short maceration on the peels under controlled temperature

Tasting features:
Color: pale pink
Scient: small red fruits, witted rose petals
Flavour: balanced with a good structure

Great with land starters and sea sauced first courses or risotto. It looks great also with the typical “Cundiun”, summer salade with tomatoes, onions, basil, pepper and taggiasca olives, stictly seasoned with taggiasca extra virgin olive oil and homemade bread.


Rosè wine
Bottles o,75l
Available, contact us for informations and prices.