Azienda Agricola Da Parodi, here what we are offering to you

The Parodi Farm is created in 1960. In that year, Andrea Parodi bought the first plots of land in the quiet Ca’ Berta area, inside the Castellaro area. Due to the rapid grow of flowers production, roses and bird of paradise flowers, and recently bulbous plants, took place of the olive tree groves.

Since 1994, the flowers production began its negative trend. Some plots of lands became olive tree groves again. Our firm ended a complete migration into old ligurian productions like olive trees, grapevines, citrus trees,  vegetables in 2008. Starting from this year, Ca’ de Berta plots of land, used for flower production in the past 50 years, completely migrated into vegetables, fruits and grapevines.

Today, Sonia is the boss with the irreplaceable Giulia (mum), Alfredo (dad), Giovanni (the uncle). Our family, since 2008, became a true company with the only goal to promote the autenticity of our products and keeping alive or fantastic territory.

To pursuit this aim, we opened our doors to tourists in the deep meaning of the agritourism, the meeting between our farm and the tourist looking for serenity, the flavour genuineness available in farmland only.